Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 - DENALI ON SALE! – Fares From $99/Day - Limited Time Offer


Did you know...the coastline of Alaska is longer than the entire coastline of the United States? 
Guests can see much of this magnificent coastline on the Voyage of the Glaciers cruise itinerary, traveling between Vancouver and Whittier. 

Princess offers affordable balcony staterooms so guests can view the scenery from their very own cabin! 

2014 - DENALI ON SALE!   – Fares From $99/Day - Limited Time Offer 
Princess is pleased to announce the “Denali On Sale” promotion targeting 2014 (May through September) Alaska Gulf Cruisetours. This promotion offers fares from $748 per person on the following cruisetours. 
This sale runs 2/19/14 through 4/3/14 and includes the benefits of 3 for Free through 2/28/14. 

Call us today at 928.776.7188. 

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