Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 - DENALI ON SALE! – Fares From $99/Day - Limited Time Offer


Did you know...the coastline of Alaska is longer than the entire coastline of the United States? 
Guests can see much of this magnificent coastline on the Voyage of the Glaciers cruise itinerary, traveling between Vancouver and Whittier. 

Princess offers affordable balcony staterooms so guests can view the scenery from their very own cabin! 

2014 - DENALI ON SALE!   – Fares From $99/Day - Limited Time Offer 
Princess is pleased to announce the “Denali On Sale” promotion targeting 2014 (May through September) Alaska Gulf Cruisetours. This promotion offers fares from $748 per person on the following cruisetours. 
This sale runs 2/19/14 through 4/3/14 and includes the benefits of 3 for Free through 2/28/14. 

Call us today at 928.776.7188. 

Friday, February 14, 2014


By Rick Steves
The importance of packing light cannot be overemphasized, but, for your own good, I'll try. You'll never meet a traveler who, after five trips, brags: "Every year I pack heavier." The measure of a good traveler is how light he or she travels. You can't travel heavy, happy, and cheap. Pick two.

One Bag, That's It

My self-imposed limit is 20 pounds in a 9" × 22" × 14" carry-on-size bag (it'll fit in your airplane's overhead bin). At my company, we've taken tens of thousands of people of all ages and styles on tours through Europe. We allow only one carry-on bag. For many, this is a radical concept: 9" × 22" × 14"? That's my cosmetics kit! But they manage, and they're glad they did. After you enjoy that sweet mobility and freedom, you'll never go any other way.
You'll walk with your luggage more than you think you will. Before flying to Europe, give yourself a test. Pack up completely, go into your hometown, and practice being a tourist for an hour. Fully loaded, you should enjoy window-shopping. If you can't, stagger home and thin things out.
When you carry your own luggage, it's less likely to get lost, broken, or stolen. Quick, last-minute changes in flight plans become simpler. A small bag sits on your lap or under your seat on the bus, taxi, and airplane. You don't have to worry about it, and, when you arrive, you can hit the ground running. It's a good feeling. When I land in London, I'm on my way downtown while everyone else stares anxiously at the luggage carousel. When I fly home, I'm the first guy the dog sniffs.
These days, you can also save money by carrying your own bag. While it's still free to check one bag on most overseas trips, you'd likely pay a fee to check two. If you're taking a separate flight within Europe, expect to be charged to check even just one bag.
Remember, packing light isn't just about saving time or money — it's about your traveling lifestyle. Too much luggage marks you as a typical tourist. It slams the Back Door shut. Serendipity suffers. Changing locations becomes a major operation. Con artists figure you're helpless. Porters are a problem only to those who need them. With only one bag, you're mobile and in control. Take this advice seriously.

Packing 101

How do you fit a whole trip's worth of luggage into a small backpack or suitcase? The answer is simple: Bring very little.
Spread out everything you think you might need on the living-room floor. Pick up each item one at a time and scrutinize it. Ask yourself, "Will I really use this snorkel and these fins enough to justify carrying them around all summer?" Not "Will I use them?" but "Will I use them enough to feel good about hauling them over the Swiss Alps?" Frugal as I may be, I'd buy them in Greece and give them away before I'd carry that extra weight over the Alps.
Don't pack for the worst-case scenario. Pack for the best-case scenario and simply buy yourself out of any jams. Bring layers rather than take a heavy coat. Think in terms of what you can do without — not what will be handy on your trip. When in doubt, leave it out. I've seen people pack a whole summer's supply of deodorant or razors, thinking they can't get them there. The world is getting really small: You can buy Dial soap, Colgate toothpaste, Nivea cream, and Gillette razors in Sicily and Slovakia. Tourist shops in major international hotels are a sure bet whenever you have difficulty finding a personal item. If you can't find one of your essentials, ask yourself how half a billion Europeans can live without it. Rather than carry a whole trip's supply of toiletries, take enough to get started and look forward to running out of toothpaste in Bulgaria. Then you have the perfect excuse to go into a Bulgarian department store, shop around, and pick up something you think might be toothpaste.
Whether you're traveling for three weeks or three months, pack exactly the same. To keep your clothes tightly packed and well organized, zip them up in packing cubesairless baggies, or a clothes compressor. I like specially designed folding boards (such as Eagle Creek's Pack-It Folder) to fold and carry clothes with minimal wrinkling. For smaller items, use packing cubes or mesh bags (one for underwear and socks, another for miscellaneous stuff such as a first-aid kit, earplugs, clothesline,sewing kit, and gadgets).
Go casual, simple, and very light. Remember, in your travels you'll meet two kinds of tourists — those who pack light and those who wish they had. Say it out loud: "PACK LIGHT PACK LIGHT PACK LIGHT."

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cruise News: Princess Cruises Launches Brand New Ad Campaign

Princess Cruises has launched a huge advertising campaign called “Come Back New” The Ad spots have already started TV and will also be featured in Magazines, radio and online.
The new campaign cost the cruise line $20 Million making it one of the largest ever for Princess Cruises which is operated by Carnival. This will also be the first marketing campaign on radio and TV for Princess for over a decade!
“This new campaign is an exciting opportunity for us to differentiate Princess Cruises in the minds of travelers,” said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises president. “After extensive research, we identified a growing segment of people who want their vacations to transform them with new perspectives, new friendships and new stories. They are increasingly looking to discover new places, learn about other cultures, try new foods from the places they’re visiting, and gain inspiration from the world they don’t see every day. They want to ‘come back new,’ and our new campaign shows that Princess is the best cruise line to deliver this to them.”
Your now wondering what the ads are, well below we have several of the TV spots that have already started on many TV networks. The ads show a personal side to cruising and are in a slow motion effect. Each spot is targeting a specific audience from a young family to an old couple. The ads can inspire and remind us all that when we have finished the cruise we should “Come Back New!” The ads also show special moments between people, which is what cruising is all about.
“Our new advertising theme really captures the essence of our brand promise to our passengers,” Swartz continued. “The ads were actually inspired by our passengers’ stories about how they return from their cruise vacation feeling rejuvenated and more closely connected with their loved ones, and with fresh perspectives stimulated by the beauty of the ocean, of the world and other cultures they visited, and their onboard experiences.”
Not all the ads will begin at the same time and will roll out throughout January. So below are the new TV Ads, let us know which ones you like the most at the comments on the bottom of the page.

Article provided by Cruise Hive. Watch the new commercials here

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Hottest Travel Trends, River Cruising!

While working on your New Year’s resolutions, did you promise yourself a great vacation in 2014?

                                             By Richard Irwin, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

If you need some ideas, here’s a list of the hottest travel trends.
The annual travel survey by the Travel Leaders Group found European river cruises to be the single hottest travel trend. Only three years ago, European river cruises ranked 21st. Based on actual booking data, the survey suggests this is the next big thing.
“If Europe could find a way to create additional scenic rivers, the travel industry and, in particular, our agents would be sending even more clients on European river cruises,” said Travel Leaders Group CEO Barry Liben.
Many travelers don’t realize the biggest river cruise company is based in Woodland Hills. Viking Cruises was recently named “Best River Cruise Line” in Cruise Critic’s 2013 Annual Editors’ Picks Awards.
Viking says unprecedented consumer demand has made it the company’s biggest year to date. Almost all of its 2013 itineraries were sold out as well as more than half of all 2014 staterooms. And the company is responding with more ships, said Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor-in-chief of Cruise Critic.
Viking will add 14 new Longships this year. Last March, the L.A. cruise line set a Guinness World Record by christening 10 ships in a single day.
Viking’s fleet will grow to 51 vessels by the end of 2014. This includes 30 new revolutionary Longships in the last three years alone.
The overall top international destination for 2014 is the Caribbean. Every cruise line has ships plying the warm, blue Caribbean waters.
Disney Cruise Line has added its special touch to the competition. Its ships are specially built for families with extra storage and special areas for each age group.
Beginning this month, all four Disney ships will sail out of Florida to the Caribbean and Bahamas. The Disney Wonder will sail from Miami, while the Disney Magic, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy sail from Port Canaveral.
Evily Giannopoulos of Disney Cruise Line said the ships will offer a variety of itineraries. Every cruise from Port Canaveral includes a stop at one of my favorite places, Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.
With publicity from high-profile films like “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” New Zealand scored big in the survey. The island nation is one of the adventure travel centers of the world. We recently completed our travel series with exciting adventures ranging from zip lining to jet boating.
Australia came in second, but this small continent offers a wealth of travel experiences. From Little Italy in Melbourne to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Sydney, tourists can then try tropical Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.
“Also exciting in our results are the unique destinations that are starting to gain a foothold with our Travel Leaders Group clients as the next great place to visit,” said Liben.
Up-and-coming European destinations include Croatia and Iceland. Croatian friends brag about the Dalmatian coast.
Every travel writer seems to love Iceland. Residents brag about their land of fire and ice, fire from active volcanoes and the ice of a Nordic country.
Delta Air Lines began serving Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik in 2013 and will resume summer service this year.
Peru came out on top of the Central/South American trends thanks largely to Machu Picchu. Brazil came in second because it is hosting the 2014 World Cup as well as the 2016 Olympic Games.
Vietnam is the hottest trend in Asia/Southeast Asia. Burma/Myanmar was second.
“At one time, Burma seemed off-limits due to its former government,” Liben noted. “But since its peaceful transition in 2010 to a civilian reformist government, this still relatively isolated nation is really opening up to tourism, and a growing number of American travelers are responding to its truly exotic allure.”
And what about domestic destinations? Travel agents were asked to list the top five destinations already booked for 2014.
For years, Las Vegas has battled with Orlando for the top spot. This year, bet on Vegas — it is first on the list.
Alaskan cruises tied with Maui for third place, followed by New York City and Honolulu. San Francisco and Los Angeles also joined the top 10. Fort Lauderdale and Hawaiian cruises rounded out the domestic destinations.


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July 15, 2014
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August 3, 2014

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7 Night Alaska Sawyer Glacier

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7 Night Alaska Sawyer Glacier
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